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Kite Surfing and Power Kiting have really taken off in 1999. This development gave manufacturers the opportunity to come up with a variety of great new kite related products.

Ockert - Germany
is once more ahead when it comes to the development of special kite flying lines. For extreme kite activities like kite surfing, traction and power kiting, the below described kite lines make an excellent choice.

Manufactured from CORAMID, a High-Tech-Fibre with the same characteristics (i.e. melting point, stretch) as
SPECTRA or DYNEEMA, Braided Climax Yellow and Climax PROTEC offer additional advantages to the serious kite surfer or flyer.

Braided climax yellow

A special impregnation procedure which seals the fibres and a new braiding technique result in an extreme thin and round line cross-section for perfect aerodynamic behaviour. Forces acting on the line are evenly distributed. Braided climax yellow has added UV protection and also an improved resistance against abrasion. Pre-stretched, this line is the direct link to your kite.
A 25% higher strength when compared to other lines with the same cross-section and a longer life span are additional advantages of this special flying line.

Braided climax yellow is specially imperagnated and polished. This process tightens the fibres, results in a smooth surface, minimum stretch, reduced line drag and UV and abrasion resistance. A sealed surface protects against penetrating sand and water and makes the line resistant to salt and most chemicals. Ideal for water and beach kite flying activities, even if you are not into kite surfing.

Why compromise ?

Climax Braided Yellow is available in a wide range of strengths (25daN/55lbs to 460daN/1000lbs), ready to fly on climax Multi Winder or on spools to allow you to make your own customised line sets.


On request from a leading UK Kite Surf and Traction Kite specialist, Ockert Germany has introduced 2 additional strengths (130daN/285lbs and 210daN/460lbs) of the already successful climax PROTEC kite line.

The advantages of this High -Tech-Line in lighter weights (55lbs - 220lbs) have already been experienced by many kite flyers, among them top ranking UK individual and team flyers.

An innovative technical procedure in line manufacture gives PROTEC its outstanding qualities. Especially kite activities where the line is exposed to dangers from abrasion will gain from the advantages PROTEC has to offer. 'The climax slippery polish' (CSP), an innovation already in use with the existing PROTEC line range, seals and PROTECts the line. This added protection makes the line much more abrasion resistant than ordinary Dyneema or Spectra lines. In addition to added PROTECtion, PROTEC lines are extremely slippery, have a low cross section and a long-life quality which is of importance for extreme kite flying activities where the lines never get a rest. PROTEC is one tough line. Manufactured from CORAMID, a similar fibre like Dyneema or Spectra, characteristics like stretch etc. are the same. Consequently PROTEC does not 'cut' Dyneema or Spectra lines. But PROTEC itself is difficult to 'cut' due to its additional advantages. In tests even Kevlar lines had their problems.

PROTEC is now available in a range from 25daN -210daN (50lbs-460lbs)
Whether you want to buy 'ready to fly sets' or buy spools to make your own line sets, PROTEC is stretched-in with 80% load to deliver maximum performance right from the start. Why compromise when you can fly and feel the difference.

We believe that these are the power-lines everyone has been waiting for. Why not try them yourself so that you can judge the qualities and advantages this line has to offer.

More information on The climax line system for kites is available from authorised climax dealers or EMKAY. Please eMail for a supplier near you.
Ask your local specialist kite shop or kite surf shop for line samples or send a stamped SAE to the address below.

EMKAY - 18 Water Lane - Threekingham - Lincs. NG34 0BE - UK - T+F (+44) 01529 241080

UK TRADE and international TRADE enquiries welcome