Kite Lines

High Quality Kite Flying Lines - Made in Germany

The brand name -climax- stands for high quality and innovation in technical filaments.

The climax -System for Kites was developed with the assistance of experienced kite flyers. The aim was to provide a system of flying lines for every kite flying activity.

The climax-System for Kites covers the range from lines for the delicate way of Indoor Flying to lines for the demanding Traction Kiter and Kite Surfer.

  • DACRON lines for single line kites have been improved
  • Dyneema lines are finally an affordable flying line for entry level sport kites
  • New technologies in the manufacture of braided climax lines have been applied (braided climax yellow, climax PROTEC and climax extra fine purple)

The Fibre:

Most climax flying lines are manufactured from CORAMID. This fibre is another brand fibre among known fibres such as SPECTRA or DYNEEMA. CORAMID has the same characteristics as Spectra or Dyneema (e.g. melting point) but performs better in other areas.

A special impregnation and polishing process give braided climax lines their unique characteristics. The fibres have a tighter alignment, line surface becomes smoother and harder, a tighter braid reduces line cross section and minimises drag (wind resistance). Forces acting on the line are distributed more evenly among the individual fibres.

Temperature resistance:

CORAMID, Spectra, Dyneema and HPM (an additional fibre used by OCKERT) all consist of the same basic polymer. This means that their general characteristics, behaviour under friction and melting point are the same. Accidental crossing of lines manufactured from CORAMID with other line types does not result in a ‘cut'. Climax PROTEC receives additional protection during the CSP process (‘climax slippery polish’).


Resistance against abrasion is the result of resistance to temperature and friction. Due to the additional impregnation and polishing process of braided climax lines, friction and consequently abrasion is reduced.


Like Spectra, CORAMID has build in UV-resistance. Braided climax flying lines receive additional protection during the impregnation process.

Water Resistance:

The CORAMID fibre does not absorb water. In addition the special impregnation process prevents entry of sand and salt.

Climax Lines for Single Line Kites

1. climax Dacron Black Line
Although Dacron is nothing new, these lines for single line kites are extremely thin. A round cross-section gives them perfect aerodynamic behaviour. Climax Dacron Black Line 10daN (20lbs) with it’s fine braid now allows large kites to fly in gentle breezes. These lines provide enough stretch to protect single line kites from wind forces and gusts, acting on a kite.

Climax Lines for MULTI LINE Sport Kites

1. climax Dyneema - white
Is an affordable variant of the well-known Dyneema line. Now meant to be an affordable entry line for sport kite flying. Good quality is available at a low price due to a special braiding technique.

2. Braided climax - yellow (CORAMID)
The all round line for 2-Line Sport Kites. What is noticed first is the tight braid and hard surface of the line. This line is the result of a new braiding technique combined with an impregnation process, which tighten the fibres. This line is ideal for the majority of kite flying activities. Braided climax yellow is the direct link to your kite.

3. Braided climax extra fine - purple (CORAMID)
With competition, trick, 3 and 4 - Line flying in mind, the aim was to develop a world class line at an affordable price. This line is the result. The difference to braided climax - yellow is an even tighter braid. More fibres in less space and the additional impregnation and polishing process give this line its high qualities.

This line will be noticed. Not only because of its purple colour but also because of its amazing quality and price.

4. climax protec (CORAMID)
Innovation never stands still - neither does the development for new climax flying lines. The ultimate flying line is climax PROTEC. Developed with team flying, street kiting and other demanding kite flying activities in mind, this line is extremely slippery and has a highly improved resistance against abrasion. This is achieved by an innovative technical process the ‘climax-slippery-polish’. Each individual fibre is impregnated before the final braiding takes place. The finished line is then impregnated again and polished. This seals the line and gives it its passive protection. Climax protec does not ‘cut’ other Dyneema or Spectra lines but the line itself is difficult to ‘cut’. In tests even Kevlar had its problems. The protec line is so slippery that in team flying new manoeuvres will be possible. 10% higher strength when compared to Spectra lines and a Long-Life Quality are additional features of this high performance flying line.

Climax lines for Indoor / Zero Wind / Mini Kite Flying

1. climax HIGHLIGHT
This line is for light single line kites. Extremely light in weight, 'thermal hunters' will find it easy to reach to the sky.

2. Braided climax HPM
High Performance Multifilament (HPM) is another polymer like CORAMID or Spectra. Driven by the challenge to find the best line for this delicate way to fly a sport kite, this bright green line was developed. The result is a thin and lightweight flying line. HPM has a 10% higher breaking strength when compared with other lines of the same diameter. The thinnest line available has a diameter of just 0.04mm. Suitable for indoor, light or zero wind sport kite flying.

2. Dacron Mini
Available in 10 lbs and 20lbs. This line is a budget line for miniature kites or indoor kites.