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(Trade enquiries for kites are welcome)

  Whether you are looking for suitable kites for children or adults, for recreation or sport, single or multi line kites - We have the right flying machine to suit your needs. Select from a large selection of available kites.
Experience the excitement to fly kites that are capable to perform aerobatic manoeuvres or use powerful traction kites for kite surfing, buggying or power kiting.

  We stock a large range of decorative windsocks and garden windmills.
For the kite flyer we have possibly the largest selection of branded
high quality flying lines for ALL kite flying activities. Whether you require a line for single line kites or a sophisticated line for the demanding sport of Kite Surfing.
The climax Line System for Kites gives you the best choice from a wide range of line types, breaking strengths and lengths.

(Trade enquiries are welcome)


  Promote your business with our highflying promotional kites. We place your company name, your logo or any message you want in the sky.
Kites are a very popular and attractive way for
advertising and displaying
your company details for all to see. Choose from an extensive range of kites or windsocks for this eye-catching promotional idea.

    We can arrange a variety of services for you.
Web Page design for your business, translations to and from
Russian or German.

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