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For details of windsocks and windmills goto

To attach and display windsocks we recommed telescopic poles. We can supply sizes from 3m to 8m.

602 Triple Spinner 604/605 Rainbowsock 607-609 Rainbow Turbine 610 Gnome 612 Tropical Fish
613 Baracuda 614 Buntling 615 Gold Fish 616 Lip Fish 618 Mr Chillipepper
619 Daffodil 624 Tucan 627 Witch 629 Clown 630 Carot
631 Frog 632 Scarecrow 633 Rabbit 636 Pig Sock 637 Rainbow Twister

639 SunMoon 639 SunMoon 640 Sailsock 648 Dog 649 Cow

To view details of all windsocks and windmills goto windsocklist
To view decorative windmills please goto wm1
To view retail prices of windsocks and windmills goto pricelists

650 Peapod 651 Sunflower      
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